Liang Xu

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Basic Information                                                                              

NameLiang Xu

Professional Title: Assoiate Professor


Affiliation:   School of Electrical and Information Engineering,

Jiangsu University, Jiangsu,  China, 212013

Research Interests                                                                  

Permanent magnet machine, modeling, analysis, and control


1.    Principal Investigator: “Enhancement mechanism of harmonic efficiency of magnetic field modulated permanent magnet motor”, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2019-2021

2.      Principal Investigator: “Research on high Power factor dual permanent magnet excited motor system”, Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province, 2018-2021

3.      Principal Investigator: “High thrust Permanent magnet linear motor system for long stroke applications”, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, 2018-2021

List of selected papers                                                                      

1.       Xu Liang, Wu Wenjie, Zhao Wenxiang, et al. Robust design and optimization for a permanent magnet vernier machine with hybrid stator. IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion, 2020, doi: 10.1109/TEC.2020.3011925.

2.       Xu Liang, Zhao Wenxiang, Liu Guohai, et al. A novel dual-permanent-magnet-excited machine with non-uniformly distributed permanent-magnets and flux modulation poles on the stator. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 2020, 69(7): 7104-7115.

3.       Xu Liang, Zhao Wenxiang, Wu Mengmeng, et al. Investigation of slot-pole combination of dual-permanent-magnet-excited vernier machines by using air-gap field modulation theory. IEEE Transactions on Transportation Electrification, 2019, 5(4): 1360-1369.

4.       Xu Liang, Zhao Wenxiang, Liu Guohai, et al. Design optimization of a spoke-type permanent-magnet vernier machine for torque density and power factor improvement. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 2019, 64(1): 3446-3456.

5.       Xu Liang, Liu Guohai, Zhao Wenxiang, et al. Hybrid stator design of fault-tolerant permanent-magnet vernier machines for direct-drive applications. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 2017, 64(1): 179-190.