Research Center of Intelligent Control and Optimization for Complex System

[Time]:2020-11-28 [Views]:

Research Center of Intelligent Control and Optimization for Complex System, relying on key disciplines of Jiangsu Province and the first-level doctoral discipline of Jiangsu University, Control Science and Engineering, is oriented to the application areas of agricultural equipment, electric vehicles and other national key fields, focusing on advanced control, artificial intelligence and big data optimization and other key technologies, and carry out innovative research on the theory and application of automation science. The current main research works include:

(1)Advanced non-linear control theory and methods. For the key problems and application requirements in national core areas such as electric vehicles and agricultural equipment, the research on efficient control technologies for typical nonlinear systems has been considered. To address the deep-seated common technical problems in motor systems, buck converters and agricultural machines, the application-oriented general theories and methods for nonlinear systems will be established built based on the advanced control theories and methods such as sliding mode control theory, back-stepping control technique, anti-disturbance technology, etc.

(2)Artificial Intelligence and Signal Processing Techniques. We focus on the developments and applications of advanced artificial intelligence and signal processing techniques by using Bayesian analysis, message passing, convex optimization, and so on. Our main research directions include: sparse signal processing technology based on sparse Bayesian learning; sparse signal processing technology based on approximate message passing; channel estimation technology and transmission optimization design for intelligent reflection surface aided communication systems; channel estimation technology and transmission optimization design for massive MIMO and millimeter-wave communication systems; variational Bayesian inference for array signal processing.

(3)Robot motion planning and control.For national critical needs on medical rehabilitation and aidance of the aged and the physically disabled, studies are conducted on human motion estimation, robot motion planning, robot compliance control and human-robot control to reconstruct, rehabilitate and enhance human motion ability, aiming at solving scientific challenges in rehabilitation- and exoskeleton-assisted

limbs motions.

(4)Intelligent optimization theory and application.Based on the theoretical basis of intelligent control, system engineering, operations research etc., we perform research on intelligent optimization algorithms for complex engineering systems. By combining advanced technologies such as machine learning, data mining, and statistical analysis, we develop efficient intelligent optimization algorithms, including evolutionary algorithms, swarm intelligence algorithms, and multi-objective algorithms. We establish system models for engineering problems such as motor design, power generator dispatch and industrial processes, and perform model optimization solutions based on high-performance intelligent optimization algorithms.

Director: Shihong Ding

Deputy Director: Xu Chen