Research Center of High-Performance Electrical Machine System

[Time]:2020-12-04 [Views]:

Research Center of High-Performance Electrical Machine Systemwas founded based on a series of backgrounds, including the doctoral program of Electrical Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, the State Key Discipline of Agricultural Electrification and Automation, Hybrid Vehicle Technology of National-local joint Engineering research center, Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Drive and Intelligent Control for Electric Vehicle and National Center for International Research on Structural Health Management of Critical Components, Jiangsu University. The institute engages in major national demands and technological development, which includes national defense and military industry, aerospace, electrified transportation, high-end agricultural equipment and robotics. The institute researches on basic theory and engineering application of high-quality motors, including fault-tolerant motors, high-torque/high-power density motors, magnetic suspension motors, linear motors, and state monitoring test and fault diagnosis and drive control.

At present, the Institute has 1 receiver of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 1 person of National Ten-Million-Talents Project, 1 receiver of National Outstanding Youth Fund, 2 receivers of Jiangsu Provincial Outstanding Youth Fund, 2 academic leaders of "333 project" of Jiangsu Province, 2 academic leaders of "Green Blue project" of Jiangsu Province, 3 persons of "six talent peak projects" of Jiangsu Province, 1 person of entrepreneurship and innovation program of Jiangsu Province, HongKong Scholar, and young science and technology talent promotion project in Zhenjiang city. The institute participates in the major projects of NSFC, National Science and Technology Major Project of China, the basic strengthening project of the Military Commission, and the key R & D plan of Jiangsu Province. The institute has achieved significant and international-advanced-level research on the design and analysis of permanent magnet fault-tolerant motor, magnetic field modulation motor, magnetic suspension motor, condition monitoring and fault diagnosis, as well as high-performance control.

In recent years, more than 100 SCI papers have been published, including more than 40 SCI area I papers, 8 highly cited ESI papers, 6 Monographs (Translations) and teaching materials, and nearly 50 authorized invention patents. The achievements of the Institute in the field of new motor and its control system have made important contributions to the development of research and application technology in the fields of aerospace, weapon equipment, new energy carrier, servo control, etc. The research achievements have won the second prize of National Technological Invention Award, the first prize of Military Science and Technology Progress, the first prize of Natural Science of the Ministry of education, the IET premium awards, the second prize of Science and Technology of Jiangsu Province, the second prize of Science and Technology of Machinery Industry, the Youth Science and technology award of Jiangsu Province, and the nomination of National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation. The graduate students of the Institute have won 1 Excellent Doctoral Dissertation in Jiangsu Province, 3 Excellent Master's Degree Theses in Jiangsu Province, 4 Excellent Doctoral Dissertations in Jiangsu University and 15 Excellent Master's degree Theses in Jiangsu University.

The mission is glorious because of arduousness, and life is wonderful because of struggle! Standing at a new starting point, the Institute will take the cultivation of scientific and technological innovation talents with ideals, abilities and responsibilities as its own responsibility; take the scientific and technological innovation project as the guide, focus on the national major strategic demands, focus on breaking the key core technologies, and make greater contributions to promoting the overall improvement of China's scientific and technological innovation capability and realizing the dream of building a strong military and a powerful country.

Director: Wenxiang Zhao

Deputy director: Liang Xu