Ye Yuan

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Basic Information                                                                              

NameYe Yuan

Professional Title: Associate Professor


Affiliation:   School of Electrical and Information Engineering,

Jiangsu University, Jiangsu, China, 212013

Office:     Room421, EE Building


Research Interests                                                                   

Earringless motors, Flywheel battery, Hybrid system of hydrogen fuel vehicle


List of selected papers                                                                      

1.         Ye Yuan, Yukun Sun, Yonghong Huang. Radial force dynamic current compensation method of single winding bearingless flywheel motor[J]. IET Power Electronics, 2015, 8(7): 1224-1229.

2.         Yuan Ye, Yukun Sun, Yonghong Huang. Accurate mathematical model of bearingless flywheel motor based on Maxwell tensor method[J]. IET Electronics Letters, 2016, 52(11): 950-951.

3.         Ye Yuan, Yukun Sun, Yonghong Huang. Design and analysis of bearingless flywheel motor specially for flywheel energy storage[J]. IET Electronics Letters, 2016, 52(1): 66-68.

4.         Ye Yuan, Yiqing Ma, Fan Yan, et al. Full-period Suspension Force Accurate Modeling for a novel Bearingless Switched Reluctance Motor[J]. IET Electronics Letters, 2019, 55(21): 1119-1121.

5.         Ye Yuan, Yiqing Ma, Shuaipo Guo, et al. Suspension Performance Analysis of a novel bearingless motor[J]. IET Electronics Letters, 2020, 56(3):132-134.

6.         Ye Yuan, Yukun Sun, Qianwen Xiang. Design and Analysis of a Magnetic Bearings with Three Degrees of Freedom[J]. Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering. 2019, 32:3.

7.         Ye Yuan, Yonghong Huang, Yukun Sun. Mathematical modeling and control for a single winding bearingless flywheel motor in electric/suspension mode[J]. Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology. 2018,13(5): 1935-1944.

8.         Ye Yuan, Yukun Sun, Qianwen Xiang, Yuan Ren, Qiang Liu.  The study of switched reluctance motor for 4-DOF bearingless motor[J]. Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology. 2019,14(1): 179-189.

9.         Ye Yuan, Yukun Sun, Qianwen Xiang, et al. Model-Free Adaptive Control for three degree-of-freedom Hybrid Magnetic Bearings[J]. Frontiers of Information Technology & Electronic Engineering. 2017, 18(12): 2035-2045.

10.     Yukun Sun, Fan Yang, Ye Yuan*, et al. Analysis of a hybrid double stator bearingless switched reluctance motor[J]. IET Electronics Letters, 2018, 54(24): 1397-1399.