Xiangjin Song

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Xiangjin Song


School of Electrical and Information Engineering

Research Area: Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis of Electrical Machines

Office: Rm 207A, EE building



09/2012-01/2019 Shenyang Institute of Automation, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, P. R. China, Ph.D.

10/2017-10/2018 Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Alabama, United States, Jointed-Ph.D. Student

09/2008-07/2012 School of Electrical Engineering, Zhengzhou University, P. R. China, B.Sc.


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2. Xiangjin Song, Jingtao Hu, Hongyu Zhu, Jilong Zhang. A Bearing Outer Raceway Fault Detection Method in Induction Motors Based on Instantaneous Frequency of the Stator Current. IEEJ Transactions on Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 2018, 13:510-516.

3. Xiangjin Song, Zhuo Wang, Jingtao Hu, Hongyu Zhu. Diagnosis of Bearing Fault in Induction Motors Using Hilbert Demodulation Approach. Transactions of China Electrotechnical Society. 2018, 33(21): 1432-1441.

4. Xiangjin Song, Jingtao Hu, Hongyu Zhu, Jilong Zhang. Effects of the Slot Harmonics on the Stator Current in an Induction Motor with Bearing Fault. Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2017.

5. Xiangjin Song, Jingtao Hu, Hongyu Zhu, Jilong Zhang. Eccentricity harmonics detection-based speed estimation approach in a sensorless induction motors, in Cyber Technology in Automation, Control, and Intelligent Systems (CYBER), 2015 IEEE International Conference on, 2015: 1405-1410.